Rockol (Italy) Interview On R.E.M.

After 27 years, R.E.M. are once again an independent act. The band broke up in 2011 - and - as you will read in this exclusive interview, sadly is not about to reverse its decision. However, managing the band’s legacy continues to be important even after the end of its active career: there is an extensive catalogue to manage that sold tens of millions of copies, one of the most important bodies of work in the American rock-pop genre. 

The band, who has complete control over the masters of the albums recorded between 1988 and 2011, has made the decision to partner with the historic independent label Concord, leeaving its home for 27 years at Warner Bros. 

Its deal with Warner Music comes to an end in 2015 - a partnership that lasted from the release of “Green” in 1988 - and R.E.M.has made the decision to trust the services of an independent label, just like at the beginning of their careers. The first five records by the band were in fact published with a small independent label, I.R.S., whose executives included Sig Sigworth - now at Concord. 

R.E.M.'s manager Bertis Downs explains over the phone from Athens, Georgia,  the day after the announcement: “It is not really a  'back to the roots". Today the situation is very different, and it’s all about being curating of the legacy of the band.” 

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