Postcard from the Hometown - Athens 2004

The guys are here in town writing/demo-ing for the new record, revisiting
some of the vanc bc stuff. Lots of new tunes too: lush and atmospheric….
just kidding! No attempt here to describe it other than to my ears it
sounds wonderful… some working titles I have seen up on the board include
€œMagnetic North, €œI Wanted to be Wrong, €œAround the Sun, €œMike'€™s acbgd€
(or something) and œWanderlust; it's been great having them all here. The
band will be heading into the studio in the next few weeks. We'€™re hoping
for a fall record and hopefully will be touring some of the places we didn't
on the '€˜03 tour (and some of the ones we did).


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